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The Rev. Dr. Markene Meyer

Founding Priest

Over the years my experiences as a guest in monastic community, particularly Benedictine, have been both formative and restorative. Those experiences were the inspiration for starting the Trinity Lakeside community. As a “new monastic” community (or contemporary expression of devout Christian community), our life together orients around three shared commitments: worship, prayer and care of souls.

As the pastor I enjoy leading our community in praying and worshiping through the Church Year, following the life, death and resurrection of our Lord. I enjoy leading our community in caring for souls—nurturing healing, growth and formation in Christ. And I enjoy sharing the more contemplative side of the spiritual life—practices (such as prayer and worship) which deepen our communion with God, enlivening and enabling all that we are and all that we do. My prayer is that as people pray and commune with God at the Abbey, they will bring that into their everyday lives. I hope to see you at the Abbey!

Rev. Markene is an ordained priest in the Anglican Diocese of C4SO (Churches for the Sake of Others) and a trained spiritual director. She is experienced in the areas of Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction, holding a Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Formation from Dallas Theological Seminary. She is the author of Thrive: Life-Giving Disciplines for a Chaotic World, a gentle introduction to the ancient practice of abiding by a rule of life. In addition to caring for souls, Markene enjoys nurturing life in the garden, renovating houses, hiking in the Rockies, experiencing God in beauty and the arts, writing and conversing about the spiritual life, and gathering around great food and wine with her friends and adult children.

The Trinity Lakeside Board of Directors

The Rev. Dr. Erick Arowo is a priest ordained by the Anglican Church of Kenya in 2008. He is married to Caroline and they have two young children. He grew up in an African Indigenous church, became a Christ-follower in high school and joined the Anglican Church, attracted by their evangelical faith commitment and ancient roots. He served as Campus Ministry Facilitator with Intervarsity Kenya (FOCUS-Kenya) and as an exchange student ministry intern with Intervarsity Norway (NKSS), during which time he discerned a call to vocational Christian ministry.

Upon ordination, he served as a bi-vocational priest to young adults at a Nairobi Anglican parish and training pastors in the East African region. He holds a PhD in Old Testament Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. His passions are teaching God’s Word and pastoral care. He also holds a Master of Divinity degree in Biblical Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry and from Kenya.

A native Virginian, Hilary Dawson moved to Texas in 2013 to be closer to her sisters and their families. She works for the Department of Homeland Security, managing hiring and training issues under Customs and Border Protection. She received a BA in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia and in her professional career has worked in conservation, higher education, defense contracting, and the Federal government.

After college, Hilary discovered the Anglican form of worship. She was drawn to it by her love of words, the rhythms of worship, and the incorporation of beauty in worship. She values Anglicanism’s connection to the communion of saints—both the historic church as well as believers around the world today, sharing prayers that have endured for centuries. She seeks sustainable life rhythms through praying the Daily Office, following the seasons of the Church Year, and observing Sabbath rest.

Hilary is an avid reader, always looking for additional bookshelf space in her home. As a writer, she is a firm believer in the eternal merit of the Oxford comma. She appreciates gardens and gardening, and enjoys arranging flowers for friends. She lives in Argyle with two miniature dachshunds and is a regular at the local coffeehouse, pretty much knowing every person that walks in the door!

Shelley Frew came to know Christ in high school in response to a deep desire to know God in a more personal way. That began a new life and life-long journey for her since the late 70s. When her children were teenagers, she earned her masters at Dallas Theological Seminary. Her vision for others to know the transforming love of God deepened as she worked with student leaders through the seminary’s spiritual formation program.

She is a spiritual director in training, and presently she mentors and spiritual direction, writes and teaches in the local church. She enjoys reading, art, and coffee with kindred-spirit friends. She and her husband Dean have four grown children scattered across three different states. They enjoy their time together and visit their children every chance they get.

Jen J. is married to David, and both Jen and David are active in cross-cultural work. Before her journey of following Jesus began, Jen received her Marketing degree from The University of Texas at Austin and worked for years in different marketing roles. Now, Jen runs her own marketing consultancy business and travels the world encouraging and empowering leaders from marginalized communities.

Jen received her Masters from Redeemer Seminary and enjoys teaching, training and counseling others. She enjoys traveling, hiking, fair trade fashion, time with friends, writing and exploring other creative endeavors.

About Trinity Lakeside

A peaceful, contemplative community where weary souls can find renewal and rest in Jesus.

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Trinity Lakeside is a community in C4SO (Churches for the Sake of Others), an Anglican diocese built on five key values: Kingdom, Spirit, Formation, Mission, and Sacrament.

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