Keeping It Real this Advent

I just finished Tish Warren’s little jewel, Advent: The Season of Hope. With chapter themes like yearning, longing, crying out and stirring, she brings the season into sharper focus. Warren holds before us the invitation of Advent, observing, “Christmas with its compulsory jollification and insistence on being the ‘hap-hap-happiest season of all’ devolves into saccharineContinue reading “Keeping It Real this Advent”

The Healing Rhythms of Creation-Keeping

Last year when I was receiving weekly chemotherapy treatments, I was always drawn to the chairs by the windows. These floor-to-ceiling windows overlooked a garden full of native plants and a green belt of trees that runs along White Rock Creek. It was good for my soul to look out at that garden while IContinue reading “The Healing Rhythms of Creation-Keeping”