Keeping It Real this Advent

I just finished Tish Warren’s little jewel, Advent: The Season of Hope. With chapter themes like yearning, longing, crying out and stirring, she brings the season into sharper focus. Warren holds before us the invitation of Advent, observing, “Christmas with its compulsory jollification and insistence on being the ‘hap-hap-happiest season of all’ devolves into saccharineContinue reading “Keeping It Real this Advent”

The Healing Rhythms of Creation-Keeping

Last year when I was receiving weekly chemotherapy treatments, I was always drawn to the chairs by the windows. These floor-to-ceiling windows overlooked a garden full of native plants and a green belt of trees that runs along White Rock Creek. It was good for my soul to look out at that garden while IContinue reading “The Healing Rhythms of Creation-Keeping”

Beautiful Sameness

There’s a place in the Colorado Rockies at an elevation of about 11,000 feet that’s a kind of touchstone for our family. It’s a high ridge on the West Spanish Peak overlooking a broad, verdant valley. Over the years we’ve fondly referred to this overlook as the Sound of Music spot. Most years we makeContinue reading “Beautiful Sameness”

A Sanctuary of Rest for the Weary

In conversations about the spiritual life I often hear people speak of deep weariness, weariness at a soul level. But I also hear a common struggle with making time for much-needed rest. Frequently I find myself “giving permission” to the weary to care for their own soul—to get away to a quiet place with Jesus,Continue reading “A Sanctuary of Rest for the Weary”

Find Rest for Your Soul

“I don’t know how to let go,” she said. I was speaking with a friend who is a compassionate activist—whether befriending a homeless man or advocating for an underdog. She went on to explain that stillness is stressful for her. Silence and reflection provoke anxiety. She knows how to contend and care and do forContinue reading “Find Rest for Your Soul”

I Was Glad When They Said unto Me…

Since its infancy the Church has gathered for worship, sometimes under threat of great danger and persecution. At Trinity Lakeside our shared way of life orients around three essentials: corporate worship, prayer and care of souls. These three are meant to be the ordering practices, the structure around which the rest of life falls. ItContinue reading “I Was Glad When They Said unto Me…”

The Last Week of Advent: Praying the O Antiphons

In these last days of Advent (beginning December 16) join us in preparing for Christmas by praying daily the O Antiphons. Each of these brief ancient prayers emphasizes a different name of Jesus. Each O Antiphon corresponds with a verse in the beloved Advent hymn, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. Below are listed the sevenContinue reading “The Last Week of Advent: Praying the O Antiphons”