Beautiful Sameness

There’s a place in the Colorado Rockies at an elevation of about 11,000 feet that’s a kind of touchstone for our family. It’s a high ridge on the West Spanish Peak overlooking a broad, verdant valley. Over the years we’ve fondly referred to this overlook as the Sound of Music spot. Most years we makeContinue reading “Beautiful Sameness”

A Sanctuary of Rest for the Weary

In conversations about the spiritual life I often hear people speak of deep weariness, weariness at a soul level. But I also hear a common struggle with making time for much-needed rest. Frequently I find myself “giving permission” to the weary to care for their own soul—to get away to a quiet place with Jesus,Continue reading “A Sanctuary of Rest for the Weary”


Since our inception on Trinity Sunday 2020, people have asked how Trinity Lakeside began and what we are about. The vision for this community began in January 2019 at a convent atop a hill in the San Francisco bay area. Towering over the convent grounds are coastal live oak and eucalyptus trees, their great verdantContinue reading “Beginnings”

Contemplation as privilege?

Over coffee one morning a friend suggested that practicing contemplation may be a sign of privilege. His comment reflects a common misunderstanding. Is it the privilege of a few to lean into the contemplative side of the spiritual life? Is contemplation a luxury, like taking a spiritual spa day? In the culture and time inContinue reading “Contemplation as privilege?”