Knowing God’s Favor

Recently the story of Elizabeth drew my attention. In the gospel of Luke, we find that she and her husband, the priest Zechariah, did not have a child, “because Elizabeth was barren, and they were very old” (Lk 1:7). Barren, a word laden with hard emotions. However, when an angel visits the virgin Mary withContinue reading “Knowing God’s Favor”


Since our inception on Trinity Sunday 2020, people have asked how Trinity Lakeside began and what we are about. The vision for this community began in January 2019 at a convent atop a hill in the San Francisco bay area. Towering over the convent grounds are coastal live oak and eucalyptus trees, their great verdantContinue reading “Beginnings”

The hospitality of an unhurried presence

You may have seen our Trinity Lakeside mission on our home page: To joyfully participate in God’s story of loving the world. To celebrate what is good, beautiful and true. To know our neighbors and welcome newcomers. To offer the hospitality of an unhurried presence and listening well. To worship together in Word and sacrament.Continue reading “The hospitality of an unhurried presence”

Why Trinity Lakeside Part 1

One of my favorite seminary courses was Trinitarianism, because our coursework brought to life the unique and unsurpassed beauty of our mysterious Triune God. One God who exists in a community of three distinct Persons who live forever in complete mutuality and goodness. A God who is “perfect in power, in love and purity” asContinue reading “Why Trinity Lakeside Part 1”