A Sanctuary of Rest for the Weary

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In conversations about the spiritual life I often hear people speak of deep weariness, weariness at a soul level. But I also hear a common struggle with making time for much-needed rest.

Frequently I find myself “giving permission” to the weary to care for their own soul—to get away to a quiet place with Jesus, whether through visiting an art museum, taking a long walk by the lake, attending choral evensong, having coffee with a spiritual friend, or practicing a simple daily discipline like breath prayer. 

Moments like these are not only joy for us, they are joy for our heavenly Father, who treasures time with us. Henri Nouwen notes, “Not only are we yearning to be with God, but God is also yearning to be with us. It seems as if God is crying out to us: ‘My heart is restless until I may rest in you, my beloved creation.’”

Our calling as the Trinity Lakeside Community is to be a sanctuary of rest for the weary, to create space for you to notice Jesus’ presence, draw near to him and delight in him. We look forward to seeing you this September for weekly worship, Online Evening Prayer + Contemplative Practice, Monastery Day and a Guided Day Retreat.

Worship: A Weekly Mini Retreat

Join us Sundays at 10:00 am for restful, renewing worship with Holy Communion followed by unhurried fellowship at the Abbey. As one guest noted, Sunday worship is “like a weekly mini retreat.” Each week we are nourished in Word and Sacrament, then sent out “to do the work God has given us to do.” 

Online Evening Prayer + Contemplative Practice

Join us Wednesdays online, 5:00 to 5:30 pm, September 6—November 15: A brief Evening Prayer service plus a guided contemplative practice (such as scripture meditation or art reflection).

Guided Day Retreat

Join us for a guided Day Retreat, From Communion to Community to Ministry: Saturday, September 30. This day includes guided prayer, personal reflection (on scripture, art, poetry, nature) and gentle conversation. See the Retreat page for details.

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